Do you know the 'Timbre of Red'? What does a color sound like. And what are the consequences of that sound?


Visitors from another world, with good intentions, no? 'The Visitors' will tell it all...


A blog, and the chance to read my books for free. Just mail me and the first 20 get a book for free. I only ask a small review in return. That's not much, is it? :-)


My first 'mild' erotic story. Love to hear what you think of it.


Happy new year to all of you. And for me, the year has started out fine. Working on multiple new short stories already. Time to rest? Don't think so :-)

29/12/2012 Is it stress? An inhuman boss? Too much work? Or is it a real virus driving people crazy? And where does it come from? 'The E-XX virus' seems to be very contagious, so watch out...

A new website, a new look, a new start and a new book :-)

Happy new year to all of you.

15/03/2012 What happens if all things change? 99.9% of all human and animal life has gone. How will the rest survive? Or won't they? 'Lost Hearts' takes you to that place. But be prepared. It ain't a pretty sight.
07/03/2012 Have you ever felt like being stuck. Not being able to go forward nor back? Stuck in the ratrace of life? That's what happening to Anne & Gerry. Hopefully they will be able to get out of that tiny 'Infinity Alley'...
29/02/2012 Are you superstitious? No? Than don't read '28 + 1' or you will become superstitious...
15/02/2012 'What Happens in Warth', a story never supposed to be written, about something that happened in Warth and never was supposed to leave that city has been finished. Leaving me with mixed, strange feelings, whether I should publish this or not...
10/01/2012 'Coma' is done. Telling a story about a dumb boy. Being beaten up the first time he goes out. Not able to tell what is wrong with him. Not able to convince people he is ok...


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